The virtual capital of the world

Welcome to the future platform for experiences, shopping and social encounters in the beautiful capital of Finland. Virtual Helsinki is digital twin of the Helsinki City centre, created in high-quality 3D for VR by Zoan.


What to do in Virtual Helsinki?

Virtual Helsinki is a digital twin of the Helsinki City centre, created in high-quality 3D for virtual reality. It is available for anyone to license.

The Virtual Capital of the World

Helsinki is the first interactive city that can be explored and visited virtually. Virtual tourism will become more popular in the future and that is the reason we started to create an entire city to VR in high quality.
The city is based on the present day but it will also have futuristic and historic versions. In the future, the users will be able to interact with each other which will make the virtual visits as close as possible to actually being in the city.


What is Virtual Helsinki?

Our interactive Helsinki 3D-model can be used for different purposes: tourism, shopping, training, concerts, simulations & virtual citizenship for example.
In the future there will be v-citizens of Helsinki who can have their home, shop and participate in activities such as concerts, art exhibitions and v-games - all in VR.


The city is based on the present day but it will also have a futuristic and historical versions.

Virtual Tourism

Future of travelling will happen via virtual reality for many. It can deepen the content of physical travelling. A virtual tourist might move from present day to history, visit places that are difficult to access or go shopping in a virtual souvenir store and have the items delivered home through the mail. Virtual tourism will enable fast trips around the world and meeting other tourists and locals, while being the most eco-friendly way to travel.
"At its best, digitalization is increasingly successful services for the citizens and a better Helsinki experience for tourists. A virtual experience representing top quality is a good example of how Helsinki can be sensed in a new way.” ―Jan Vapaavuori, Mayor of Helsinki

Making of Virtual Helsinki

ZOAN VRsprint brought together some of the best 3D artists all around the world to polish the virtual Helsinki content to be as realistic as possible.

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Fast Company

Helsinki is pursuing new frontiers in digital tourism – thanks to VR you can visit the city without snow boots.

City of Helsinki

Helsinki seeks a million virtual visitors in 2019. The city aims to become the service platform for sustainable tourism.

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